Andra "Madame" Ashe


Andra "Madame" Ashe

Andra ‘Madame’ Ashe is much relieved to have found a group of ninjas/authors who also don’t take themselves too seriously. She was beginning to think that naughtiness was something to be kept to oneself but now there’s a place where she can share a 50 Shades of Black sense of humour.

It’s written in the stars that she will eventually run a run a B&B in Bali for romance writers but until the universe deems it be the time, she busies herself writing naughty stories, cross-stitching subversive bookmarks and generally hitching her husky (Noodle) to the Naughty Ninja sled and enjoying the irreverent ride. 

As for her ‘dark secret past’, well, the rumours are all true!

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