Cate Ellink the Virginity Mission Review

Lily Reviews Cate Ellink's The Virginity Mission

"He's against the rules, and I don't break them."

This was my favourite line in the book - and I enjoyed the entire story. I love first person writing, and I particularly enjoy first person, present tense.
I read The Virginity Mission on my Kindle over Saturday and Sunday, sitting in the sun yesterday afternoon.
I thought the characterisation of 'Mac' aka Willow, was excellent - she thinks of herself as a gawky, bony girl that no man could find desirable, and hence she's a 21-year-old virgin, with best friends who make 'man magnets.'
This research trip and camping expedition to the mangroves and rainforest of North Queensland is her opportunity to lose her cherry.
Cate Ellink's descriptions of the rainforest are wonderful - extremely vivid and realistic and having read more about Cate, I know this is because she has a science background and many years ago, went on just this type of expedition.
Thank you Cate, I loved this story.