Cate "Man Eater" Ellink


Cate "Man Eater" Ellink

Cate Ellink has no skills as a Ninja. No agility, no athletic ability, no skill in knife-throwing, knuckle-duster wielding, or kick-boxing. Although she loves sports, she's useless at them.

But naughtiness...well, there’s been years of training for that. Not that she's had a mentor or anything, it's pretty much been trial and error, which seems to only enhance naughty skills.

A strong sense of adventure and curiosity has always helped Cate get into trouble, or out of trouble, depending on her luck. She's hoping the Naughty Ninjas brings lots of good luck, laughter and adventure.

Cate is becoming addicted to her Twitter account, is a devotee of her blog and not so sure about Facebook but is there in person and as an author.