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We Naughty Ninjas learn the shit out of craft, marketing, editing, publishing, social media, tropes, genre and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Naughty Ninjas Say: Yo, ninjas have opinions an' shit. Sometimes the strangest stuff moves us to speak, but speak we shall. Whether the topic is current affairs, television, movies, Eurovision, the death of our favourite fluffer or Fabio's new hair style, you'll find the ninjas' edifying opinions here.

The Writing Ninjitsu page is where we share our learnin' (or sometimes just admire the ass out of someone's ninja skills), discuss bad mamas’ tips for good writing, and indulge in a wee bit of romance hell-raising (be prepared for the odd discussion on hedgehog menáge and porpoise snuff fiction.)

The Grammar Ninjas decided that grammar has been walking around with that stick up its arse for far too long, and have dragged it into the gutter where it's way more fun.

Join the nerd herd with our Nerdy Ninjas and learn some facts and shit we've discovered while doing background researchy stuff for our writing.

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