Female Tiny Hand Award

Tiny Hand Award.jpg

The Tiny Hand Award

(otherwise known as the Improbable Anatomy Award)

Other than giant willies, the world of romance and erotica is full of wonderfully improbable anatomy that defies both scientific and evolutionary principles and thus deserves public recognition. We’re talking tiny hands, ultra-tight lady parts, hymens tougher than rhino hide and enormous boobs that don't seem to stop heroines from running braless across meadows without going "ouch, ouch, f%^*ing ouch-ouch-ouch”. And then there’s all the four-legged, eight-armed, triple ding-donged lovelies in paranormal romance and erotica.

Have you read about some gloriously improbable anatomy? Well, we want to hear all about it. Submit your entries via Facebook or Twitter under the hashtag #ninjatinyhands to go into our yearly draw for awesome stuff.