Georgina "Glitterpants" Penney

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Georgina "Glitterpants" Penney

It's hella difficult to be sneaky when you're wearin' glitter pants but I do try. When I'm not marveling at all the dodgy things here on Naughty Ninjas, I'm usually clumsily hammering away at my keyboard, only remembering after the fact that it's best to check one's fingers are on the right keys after a couple of glasses of wine.

I live in Scotland surrounded by marauding rabbits and hairy coos. It's disturbing, yet strangely inspiring.

Oh, and I write books. Did I say that? I do. Books. Lady books. With sneaky naughty scenes. If you want to stalk me, you can find me on Twitter, on my websites or or on Facebook.

And did I mention the Bookish Tarts, the podcast I run with Rhyll The Lady Biest? If Not, check it out on Soundcloud or subscribe on iTunes. We're ridiculously naughty. It's mandatory.