Georgina Penney - Irrepressible You

Cate Reviews Irrepressible You by Georgina Penney

I did something I've never done before - I asked to read Georgina's book before it was released, so I could write a review (nice excuse huh?), and she let me. I think I might try this more often! There's something exciting about a sneak peek.

Irrepresible You is a fun read that hides a deeper, more emotional story. And this is exactly the heroine's character. Amy has a facade that hides a deeply caring, emotionally damaged woman. Ben, the hero, describes her beautifully as, "...all smooth waters over a coral reef."

Ben has his own armour, comedic sarcasm, hiding his issues. Ben and Amy come together and it's when they're together that both their armour gets in the way.

This story is set in Western Australia (Fremantle and Perth) with a couple of international scenes. There are a lot of interesting people sharing the cast, and other people's relationships having difficulties. It's a big beautiful story.

And it has vomit (what is it with you Ninjas and your vomiting? Lily's Fairway to Heaven had it too.) but it's not graphically described here, thank heavens!

Gerald and Harvey are two of my favourite 'characters' - both of them being almost inanimate lumps...but important lumps!

We've been having Ninja Skype hookups and Georgina drops in some classic words, lines and comments, and this book is so like that. Sometimes I could hear her voice in my head as I read a line. Like this one:

"The woman was funny, fascinating, complicated, confusing and above all, unexpectedly fucking sexy."

And this:

"...she makes me look like the love child of the Marquis de Sade and Saddam Hussein."

I thoroughly enjoyed, Irrepresible You, and I'll be eagerly waiting for Georgina's next book - I might even be rude enough to ask for a sneak peek again!