Glorious Glossary Of Naughty Anatomy


A Glorious Glossary Of Naughty Anatomy

Because describing the rude bits is the most fun part of naughty books.


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The fact that the word ‘testicle’ is derived from the Latin word ‘testiculus’, meaning ‘witness of virility’ explains a lot. Those little nadgers carry the weight of the world’s expectations of men. No wonder they hang so low… (Read more here...)


Glorious Anatomy In Glorious Action

We answer that troubling question: How do you employ your glorious anatomy once you have it? (Read more here...)


Ding Dong McCork Appreciation

Ah, the mighty disco stick, where would writers be without it? Why, without them we’d have to resort to chaste hand-holding on beach scenes (and to boring insults like ‘chuckle-head’), so let’s all thank the gods of Ding Dong McDork for the dude piston and allow me to introduce you to some choice terms—with bonus examples of usage. (Read more here...)


Hello Va-jay-jay!

What’s a hot dog without ketchup? A martini without olive? A disco stick without a snizz? Please welcome the va-jay-jay... (Read more here...)


Wedding tackle (male):

What a gentleman uses to go fishing with on his wedding night. A term not used often enough in romance.