Grammar Ninjas

Grammar Ninjas


Rhyll "The Lady" Biest is a rather particular ninja when it comes to grammar. In fact, some of us suspect that she has a dark dungeon somewhere reserved exclusively for punishing impertinent punctuators. When she's not running a beady eye over supermarket advertising for misplaced commas, she can be found caning unnecessary adverbs and paddling comma splices.









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Licence vs License and Practice vs Practise

How to remember the spelling for verb versus noun forms. (Read More...)



Father and Further with another fabulously filthy grammar tip.

 Rhyll breaks down the difference between further and father. (Read More...)



This is my en rule…

Rhyll takes you through the right way to use en-dashes. (Read More...)


The Hyphen (AKA the sawn-off en rule)

Rhyll gives you the knowledge when it comes to hyphens. (Read More...)



Trousers and Steeds

Rhyll tells you the difference between "who" and "whom". (Read More...)



Which Merkin? That Merkin.

Ever had a problem with "which" and "that"? Rhyll comes to the rescue. (Read More...)



Do You Capitalize Dick Nose?: Capitalizing Names and Endearments

Rhyll lets you in on what to capitalize. (Read More...)


Cousin Sex: Who's and Whose

Rhyll gives you the lowdown. (Read More...)



Semi Colons: Uses and Abuses

Rhyll tackles the issue of the tricksy semi colon. (Read More...)


Lie, Lay and Laid

Rhyll gets horizontal with some English verbs. (Read More...)




Rhyll asks whether your merkin can be possessive. (Read More...)


The Difference Between It's and Its

If you get it wrong, Rhyll "The Lady" Biest will come throw a turtle at you. (Read More...)


When To Fuckin' Use An Apostrophe.

Rhyll tells you where it's at. (Read More...)