Guest Ninjas

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Guest Ninjas

Because victims… ahem… visitors are awesome.

Royalty, celebrities, politicians and world leaders. Who gives a flying fuck in a rolling donut what they think? Our guest ninjas can tie a cherry stem with their tongue and know how to say queef in six different languages.



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Laura Greaves tells us why the term 'Chick Lit' should get the boot. (Read More...)




Cate Ellink talks to Krissy Daniels about How to Kill Your Boss. (Read More...)




Carla Caruso talks the five books that made her want to write Chick Lit. (Read More...)




J'aimee Booker asks "What came first: The vino or the kids?" (Read More...)



Erica Hayes, author of Scorched, took time out of her busy writing schedule to explore the gentle art of ass-kicking with us. (Read more...)



Lisa The Professional Organizer: When the Lady Biest’s collection of empty soda cans and take-away boxes became unruly, she sought the help of a lovely former professional organizer (now writing full time), one Lisa Ireland. Once she’d tied poor Lisa to a chair, it was a cinch to get her to agree to an interview. (Read More...)


Daniel de Lorne On Why I'M A Sadomasochist

Daniel explains why all authors have a little inner sadist and masochist. (Like we didn't know...)




 Librarian Vassiliki Veros: Cookieface talks to librarian and shallow reader, Vassiliki Veros. (Read More...)



Kate Belle On The Inconvenience Of Willies: Willies are funny things, hilarious really and Kate Belle is going to tell you all about it. (Read More…)


Sarah Belle On Losing Her Funny: A sense of humour is a tricksy thing, running away just when you need to dazzle all and sundry. Sarah Belle is going to tell you about the time she lost hers. (Read More)

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Kylie Scott on why rock stars rock: When the Zom-rom Queen of the Australian 'burbs turned her hand to new adult focused on rock stars, readers went bananas, which is entirely appropriate as Ms Scott is a Queenslander. (Read More...)