Ninja Interviews

Ninjas love interviews, the naughtier the better. We say interviews are just like peeping through a stranger's window in the hope of catching them in the nuddy (but minus all the annoying legal complications if caught). We interview people about their jobs, pursuits and passions, and everything in between.














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Know your nurse

Rhyll Biest discovers what a 'sounding tool' is. (Read more...)


Interview: Lawyer, lawyer, pants on fire

Anna Clifton lifts the lid on what it's like to be a lawyer (Read more...)


Interview: Vance the Vacuum Truck Operator

Vance actually doesn't suck at all! (Read more...)

Interview: Tattoo Artist

Rhyll gets a tattoo! (Read More...)

Interview: Professional Vampire (Sort of...)

Rhyll interviews Phoebe the phlebotomist. (Read More...)

Interview: Walter The Truck Driver

The Beanie Queen gets up close and personal with a man and his big rig. (Read More...)

Interview: Kate Belle

Kate Belle dishes the dirt to Glitterpants on her recent release Being Jade. (Read More...)

Interview: Erotic Audiobook Narrator Johanna Fairview

Rhyll interviews Johanna Fairview about making the phonebook sexy and what audiobook narrators do after a hard day sounding sultry. (Read More...)

Interview: Lucy Malone, Erotic Audiobook Narrator

Rhyll gets the rundown on the audiobook business from one of the best in the game. (Read More...)

Rhyll Interviews Audiobook Narrator, Sean Crisdon

Sean Crisdon (AKA The Voice of Reason), Bunnicula-lover and video game geekster, tells us what’s involved in narrating audiobooks. (Read More...)

Interview: Andra Ashe on How To Organise a Swingers Party 

Rhyll interviews Andra Ashe on how to organise a swingers party, and what other things writers need to know. (Read More...)

Interview: Roller Derby Dame

They go by many names—roller derby ‘dolls’, ‘girls’, ‘dames’ and even ‘demons’—but what’s the deal with derbyists? To find out the truth behind all the roller derby myths, Rhyll Biest sent Katherine Hatter on assignment to interview ‘Lucy’, a roller derby veteran and Queen of the Down-under Derby Domain. (Read More...)

Interview: Garry The Gas Man

The Beanie Queen interviewed Gary the Gas Man and discovered that being a gas guy requires strength and agility, and a love of man’s four-legged friends. (Read More...)

Interview: Anja The Engineer

Lily interviews Anja, a lady engineer who's spent years working on offshore oil rigs. (Read More...)

Interview: Willsin Rowe

Rhyll Interviews Willsin Rowe, Australian author, musician and graphic designer on how to avoid a dodgy novel cover. (Read More...)

Interview: Melody from Ebook Indy Covers

Rhyll interviews Melody from Ebook Indy Covers on how to avoid a dodgy novel cover. (Read More...)

Interview: Cover Designer Kerrie Knutson

 Rhyll interviews Kerrie Knutson on how to avoid a dodgy novel cover. (Read More...)

Interview: Cover Designer Fiona Jayde

Rhyll interviews Fiona Jayde on how to avoid a dodgy novel cover. (Read More...)

An Interview with Paul the Personal Trainer

Rhyll "The Lady" Biest gets a little hot and sweaty interviewing a personal trainer. (Read More...)

An Interview with Paul the Plumber

Rhyll "The Lady" Biest lays some pipe with Paul the Plumber (Read More...)

An interview with Betty the Ballerina

Rhyll 'the Lady' Biest sidled up to Betty the Ballerina at the barre and suffered through a shoot-load of pliésglissades and frappes (not the beverage kind) to find out how ballet dancers reproduce and when pointe shoes became a dish. (Read more.)