Kylie Scott on Rocking the Romance World

LICK small.jpg

A long time fan of erotic love stories and B-grade horror films, Kylie is author of a fabulous book titled Lickthe perfect title since the hero not only lives to create guitar licks but is also so sinfully sexy that groupies line up to lick his body (particularly those hot tattoos). In 2013 Lick became one of the best selling titles on Amazon and quickly made it into the USA Today bestseller list, propelling Kylie to her current position—poised to take on the world of traditional print publishing in a four-book global deal with Momentum’s parent companies—St Martins Press in the US and Pan Macmillan in the UK and Australia. Rhyll asked her about what inspired Lick.

RHYLL: What was it about rock musicians that made you think ‘yes, this profession is the perfect erogenous playground for my hapless hero and heroine’?

KYLIE: Rock musicians are one of our few remaining modern day renegades. Look, I’ve got nothing against a billionaire tycoon, but rockers can maintain their brutish, leather clad, ink covered edge while still swanning around a mansion in a beat-up pair of boots. RESPECT.

RHYLL: I love suggestive banter based on saucy jargon in novels. Did any ‘rock’ jargon spring out at you that you included in your novel? 

KYLIE: Well, the title Lick kind of says it all. My husband came up with that one and he is all sorts of proud about it.

RHYLL: It is a cool title! What positive and not so positive characteristics of your hero did the profession allow you to explore?

KYLIE: In the positive category, the art of creating music, the passion and dedication that requires. In the not so positive, the ego inherent in any artist and the fact that once you reach a certain level of success, not many people would say ‘no’ to you. A good solid 'no' now and then does folk wonders.

RHYLL: When you first considered writing about a rock star hero, what situations and scenarios did the profession immediately suggest to you?

KYLIE: I’ve always been mad on books and music, and I play guitar (badly). Putting those interests together seemed the natural progression. 

RHYLL: Were you at all inspired by real-life rock star naughtiness?

KYLIE: No, mate. I just made shit up. There is some drug use by a secondary character and David trashes a drum kit at one stage. But that’s really about as crazy-town as the rock star exploits get at this stage.

RHYLL: You’ve mentioned plans to write another book about the Stage Dive band, which characters do you plan to focus on next?

KYLIE: I had planned to do Jimmy next. But everyone is so into Mal...

RHYLL: The hottest thing about rock stars?

KYLIE: One thing? Hell. They’re artists. Artists are always a little out there and unpredictable. Apparently, I find this hot.

RHYLL: Will there be David and Evelyn merchandise available soon? (I'm sure lots of us would buy a David Ferris doll any day…)

KYLIE: Yeah, a David Ferris blow up doll is definitely on the cards. (It is not on the cards. Sorry.)

RHYLL: Tattoos. Are they, in fact, the uniform of a rock star?

KYLIE: I wouldn’t say they’re the uniform. A definite sexy times bonus added extra, but not the uniform.

RHYLL: Drugs are as ubiquitous as earrings in the music industry, how do your characters deal with them? (Yes, alcohol counts as a drug!)

KYLIE: One character gets sent off to rehab. And the whole story could be seen as a cautionary tale to not over-indulge in booze. Moderation, my friends, that’s the key. The fact is, however, that during those younger years a lot of experimentation goes on. Glossing over that would take some of the truth out of the becoming an adult experience that we go through between the ages of 18 to 25.

RHYLL: Thanks, Kylie.