Ninja Naughtiness

The Ninja Naughty Corner

The Ninja Naughty Corner is where truly naughty ninjas are sent. Problem is, they get sent to the Naughty Corner and what do they do? Scrawl filthy things on the wall, the little bastards!

The Glorious Glossary of Anatomy is where you'll find all the best euphemisms and slang terms for male/female anatomy, served fresh from the gutter weekly!

Got a problem? Kids won't move out? Your boss is a bag of dicks? Our weekly advice columnist, Lady Fluffy Beaver, will sort you out.

Follow the Ninja Celebrations on the Daily Ninja and never miss International Orgasm Day or the World Testicle Cooking Championship again. Now and then you'll also find global nude wrestling situation reports and Fabio sightings.

Looking for the perfect recipe for Sphincter-blast Muffins or Rumpy-pumpy Rissoles? Look no further, Eat Me has all your ninja culinary needs covered.

Come and find out how bacteria and weevils do it at the Naughty Nature corner. It may just inspire your next erotic novel... 

Once a month, our astrologist, Madame Lady-bumps, will read your Ninja Horoscope.

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