Lily Malone Fairway to Heaven Review

Rhyll Reviews Lily Malone's Fairway to Heaven

I loved this book so hard!
But first things first, don't worry if you're not a fan of golf, because golf only gets a minor mention in the story overall. The story focuses much more on the relationship between Brayden and Jenn.
After Jenn catches her no-good golf pro hubby in a compromising situation with a student, she takes her young son and herself to a beach house to do some thinking. Friend and former crush Brayden happens to be there at the same time, for even more tragic reasons (which I won't reveal here) and mutual interest sparks between them. However, Jenn's not sure what the best thing to do for her son is (i.e. return to Jack or leave him) and other things also come between them.
I loved this story because it's full of humour (see my favourite quotes below) and because it's so very believable, with realistic situations and characters. Readers will love Brayden, who's certainly not perfect but has some of the best qualities a man can have (and I'm not talking about his skills in bed). This is a sweet story rather than being full of chandelier-swinging sex, and you'll definitely feel for both hero and heroine as they experience their highs and lows.

Some of my favourite quotes from the book:

"Jack Bannerman likes the way my butt fills a pair of skinny jeans. I wish he didn’t. There’s a denim seam stuck in vaginal purgatory and no matter which way I squirm, it doesn’t want to budge. I’m getting squeezed in places no woman should ever be squeezed."

"When we’d tee off the top of the twelfth, he’d wink and say: “ready for the fairway to heaven, babe?”
Now it feels more like the highway to hell."

"Please tell Marnie from me, I hope she’s enjoying my clubs. They were your choice, not mine, and I always thought they felt a bit soft in the shaft."

"I’ve forgotten how overwhelming he is. I’m tall, but there’s so much of him to go round. It’s a bit like watching Thor, but without the hammer."

“Kissing a man with a beard is like eating a peach through a blanket,”

"Right now, I’m unprotected. Raw. He’s seeping in to me like he’s the water and I’m the sponge."