Lily Malone The Goodbye Ride

Cate Ellink reviews the Goodbye Ride by Lily Malone

The Goodbye Ride is a novella where the romance takes place over five days—so it's quick...and beautiful.

Olivia has had a bad few years but has plans for the June long weekend to be the turning point towards a better future—except she was planning a small change and life serves her up major changes, all lumped together.

Owen is a hero with muscles—caveman muscles—shown off by few clothes, but he's incredibly sweet. A perfect hero combination.

Lily Malone has some fantastic lines in this novella, my particular favourites were one about a penguin, another about firemen. The writing is smooth, full of the beauty of the South Australian wine growing region, and is a joy to read.

If you're looking for a sweet romance, where you can laugh and maybe shed a tear, then this is a great one.