Nerdy Ninjas

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Nerdy Ninjas

Because facts are awesome and ninja facts are even awesomer. In the heated, steamy and sometimes rather sticky worlds of romance, erotica, chick lit and everything in between, facts are important. Or maybe that's just us looking for a reason to procrastinate. 


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Funky Phobias

A roundup of the funkiest phobias around. (Read more...)



When Size Doesn't Matter

Sarah Belle zooms in on microbes... (Read More...)




Ten Comic Heroes And Villains You've Never Heard Of

For good reasons... (Read More...)




Barbara Cartland

The princess of pink, pekingese, passion and... plagiarism? (Read More...)




Sandra Antonelli talks about Disney's first ever female-centric film. (And it's not Frozen.) (Read More...)


Beware The Soot Wart

Rhyll talks chimney sweeps and scrotal cancer. (Read More...)


The Piddling Cost of Soft Skin

Rhyll tells you all about old school beauty treatments. (Read More...)


Sagittarius: So Much More Than A Star Sign

Sarah "Sizzling Yoga Pants" Belle gets all spacey and gives you the facts. (Read More...)



Fish Farts

Do fish fart under water? Sarah "Sizzling Yoga Pants" Belle gives you the facts. (Read More...)



Blood In The Water

Rhyll talks Soviet Hungarian crankiness at the Melbourne Olympics. (Read More...)



Wet Sheep

Sarah gives us the lowdown on soggy sheep. (Read More...)



Los Alamos

Sandra gets her geography geek on and tells us all about why she set her stories in Los Alamos. (Read More...)


Cate "Man Eater" Ellink Sets Us Straight On Sea Turtles

Which ones retract their heads again? We need Cate to help us out. Read more here.



Ninja Fact #1: Bullet Proof Vests

 There’s no such thing as a bullet-proof vest, only a bullet-resistant vest, and they’re mostly designed to come down over the waist, making it difficult to use a traditional waist holster for a gun. Enter the thigh holster. Swoon.