Sandra Antonelli Basic Renovation

Cate Reviews A Basic Renovation

This is a big story set in a small town (well, I think it's small!) in the US, Los Alamos. Lesley grew up in the town but escaped, and the story begins with her returning to renovate a property she can't resist.

Dominic Brennan is the hardware store owner, who was a physicist when Lesley was married to his no-hoper of a brother. Dominic has a son, Kyle. Dominic's ex-wife was once friends with Lesley, just to complicate his relationship with Lesley further.

Lesley is a fun, feisty, independent heroine who has lived life. She's no twenty-year old heroine, which is refreshing! She comes to town with baggage, the sort of life baggage everyone collects over the years. Dominic, as an older hero, also has baggage. What makes this a fun read is that their baggage often intersects and multiples. This adds to their relationship conflicts but also is a point of humour in the novel.

One of the beautiful aspects of this story is the strong inter-generational relationships. Lesley and GP, her grandfather, have a lovely relationship (and GP has a romance too). Dominic and his son, Kyle, also have a great friendship.

A Basic Renovation is more than just a romance. It's the story of families, small towns, relationships, and romances at all ages.