Naughty Nature

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Naughty Nature

Because nature is filthy… not really. Well, maybe a little. And it's fun to compare animal and plant kingdom courtship and reproduction to our own. If certain bacteria or viruses have fetishes or kinky biology, you'll find out all about them here. Note: All snail-love research subjects were over the age of legal consent (in snail years, at least).

The Alligator's terminally tumescent todger

It's all about the reptile's disco stick. (Read more...)



Fornicating flatworms

They're all about the penis war. (Read more...)













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The Galapagos Tortoise

Plays hard to get... (Read More...)


The African elephant’s prehensile love truncheon

Taller than your boyfriend and twice as tricksy. (Read More...)


Silk Moths Scent Sexy Times

It's all about moths and sexy times. (Read More...)

The Argentine Blue Bill Duck

It's a corkscrew business. (Read More...)

How to Flirt Like An Octopus

Get your tentacles ready for "The Knowledge" (Read More...)

Sexy Slug Ballet

Rhyll talks the slug dance of lurve. (Read More...)

Centipede Zipper Sex

It's a sticky business. (Read More...)

Rhino Boys and Girls

Rhyll talks rhino gender. (Read More...)

Flavoured Zebras

Zebras come in many flavours. (Read More...)

Giraffe Games

Rhyll tells you how giraffes are like celebrities. (Read More...)

The Marsh Wren

Cate talks about marsh wrens and their mighty nests. (Read More...)

Sexy Fish

Cate talks transgender fish. (Read More...)

Sexy Sea Slugs

Cate gets up close and personal with some slippery little critters. (Read More...)

Crab Romance

Rhyll asks "how the heck do crabs do it?" (Read More...)

Just Puuurfect

Rhyll tells you how no one slut shames a lioness. (Read More...)

Crocodile Coitus

Cate tells you what happens when crocodiles get bubbly. (Read More...)

Shot Through The Heart And You're To Blame

Some hermaphroditic snails and slugs create a ‘love dart’ out of chitin which they use to shoot one another prior to copulation. If it successfully pierces the slug or snail’s partner, the mucus-coated dart introduces a substance to the partner’s bloodstream that allows more of the shooter’s sperm to survive. Bet you're feeling super-lucky to be a mammal right now...Rhyll "The Lady" Biest

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The Well Hung Turtle

I have palaeozoologist Darren Naish to thank for the observation that “turtles are horrifically well endowed” and supplying photographic evidence. The penis of the leathery turtle Dermochelys coriacea can exceed 2.2 meters in total length. The turtle itself only has a carapace length of 1.7 meters. Cowabunga! More disturbing than the epic willies of turtles, however, is the amount of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle porn (both fanfic and video) one has to wade past to find out how big a turtle dong is. Rhyll "The Lady" Biest