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Lily "Beanie Queen" Malone Wears The Wine Hat


The Heroine:
St Hallett
Poacher’s Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2012
Region: Barossa
A wine that’s all about short frilly skirts and summer afternoons with friends. There’s lots of sunshine and swirl in this bottle and nothing too deep or meaningful. Don’t worry about whether your hero will still respect you in the morning, just pour another glass and live for the moment. The label calls it: “The ultimate fruit salad in wine” and I think that’s about right. Get stuck in ladies, you’ll love it, and at the price of this succulent zesty quaffer, you’ll be able to afford new shoes tomorrow.
The Hero
Peter Lehmann
Shiraz Merlot Cabernet 2010

Peter Lehmann was a hero of the Australian wine industry for many, many years and this wine was named after another hero: Clancy of the Overflow in Banjo Patterson’s famous poem, The Man From Snowy River. There’s one for the trivia night. You’ll find a great blend of hero qualities in Clancy’s. Warmth from the Shiraz. Generosity from the Cabernet. Depth from the Merlot. It’s a wine with big broad shoulders. Always a great character trait in a hero and wonderful to cry on.