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Naughty Ninjas Say: "I Want To Be Infected"

happy virus.jpg

There’s current research that argues that happiness is catching, just like the common cold virus. Read more here. If you’re happy, odds are your friends are happy too. If you suffer from happiness, most likely your family does as well. If you’re in a crowded room full of cheery Christmas party revelers, you will be cheery too! It’s all about the mob, kids.

Generally, when you hear the word mob you think of riots, and lynchings, and people going after Frankenstein’s monster with pitchforks and torches. Okay, I think about riots and lynchings and villagers hell-bent on a monster’s destruction, but the truth is, happiness is all about mob mentality. Go ahead, read the research.

I readily admit there’s one mob mentality I truly love. This mob consists of romance readers and writers who are very happy people. Optimistic, happy people breed happy optimistic readers. Romance novels are all about happiness. You have heard of happily ever after, haven’t you?

Perhaps, with Valentine’s Day and all, joining a mob of happiness, or being infected by happiness, is a good starting position for perennial happiness and for (dare I say it?) actual world peace. Don’t outlaw bikie gangs, outlaw surliness and ill will. Make happiness vaccines mandatory, like polio and TB boosters. Hand out romance novels. Teach smiling. Teach forgiveness—that most ninja of skills.

Pollyanna thinking, you say?

Possibly. Only I’m happy and I’m gonna do my part to spread the happiness disease. And not just during the LOOooooooOOve Month known as February. I’m going to keep on writing romance with happy endings. Maybe someday soon I’ll infect you. You’ll succumb to the virus because you love the mob mentality, too.