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Glorious Glossary Of Anatomy: Nadgers

Detective Nadgers

Detective Nadgers

The fact that the word ‘testicle’ is derived from the Latin word ‘testiculus’, meaning ‘witness of virility’ explains a lot. Those little nadgers carry the weight of the world’s expectations of men. No wonder they hang so low… 

Agates Detective Ding-dong McDork scratched his agates as he wondered why he’d been summoned to investigate the murder of a merkin.

Bangers Although his bangers had been severely jumped upon by his boss that morning, Stanley decided he must investigate the case of the missing merkin.

Baws Detective Hardonski would bet his baws that the merkin had been procured by an organized merkin smuggling ring.

Beans Officer Snizz knew the merkin-wearing serial killer would strike again, he could feel it in his beans…

Chicken nuggets The kidnappers sent a rather unfortunate part of the abductee to the police — his chicken nuggets, wrapped in a merkin.

Love spuds Private detective Dick McDick nearly lost his love spuds to a guard dog while spying on a house in Merkin Street.

Nadgers  The inspector felt his nadgers shrivel in horror at the sight of the serial killer’s wall of merkins.

Taters Sheila quelled the urge to tell her Neanderthal partner that it was going to take more than just a big pair of taters to find the merkin vandal, it was going to take smarts and plenty of legwork.

Teabags “Listen up, toots,” Mc Ding-dong rasped, “quit staring at my teabags and tell me where I’ll find the boss of the merkin smuggling ring.”

Yarbles  She’d been sitting on a mountain of hot merkins for nearly a year and the police hadn’t noticed. They were so unobservant Vera would bet she could steal their yarbles without them noticing.