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Why Podcasts Are The Best Writing Tool Ever

So let’s talk podcasts. Do you listen to them? Do you know what they are? Do you think they’re a kind of sculpture of a garden pea? Never fear, Glitterpants is here to explain all.

How about I start doing that by telling you what a podcast is.

Okay, so you know what an mp3 is, right? A music track you download from iTunes? You download it once and you can play it whenever you want?


So you know what a talk show is, right? People getting interviewed, people chatting, people talking about the things they like and what they don’t like?

Okay. So imagine a talk show (like an old school radio show)... that you can download and listen to whenever you want. Imagine you have a selection of thousands of these shows, all run by different people on different topics with different interests. And they’re all free.

Seriously cool, right?

So how can one of these podcast things help you with your writing?

In all the ways.

Let’s start with the research side of your writing first shall we?

Unlike traditional media, podcasts are frequently ad lib and the people running them and guest starring in individual episodes can be extraordinarily candid. It makes for interesting listening but it also gives you a hell of a lot of insider information about occupations and industries you’d never know otherwise.

So let’s just say you’re writing a book about an actor and you want a realistic idea of what it’s like on the set of one of a film. Why don’t you download one of the many film podcasts out there run by writer-directors who regularly interview actors.

Your character is an astrophysicist and you want to know what it’s like to go to the loo in space. Just search astrophysics or space podcasts and you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.   

Comedy inspiration? - That’s what podcasts were made for. Almost every comedian out there has their own podcast. Hours and hours of free entertainment.

And here’s another thing that’s super important for writers. Dialogue: That’s all a podcasts are.

Can’t get that Texan accent for your big, beefy roughneck right? Listen to a Texan’s podcast. Simple as that.

Okay, so let’s get onto the technical side of things: Writing, publishing, self-publishing.

There are oodles of writers out there, all sharing their experiences in the industry. You name the question you might have, you name the topic and there’ll be someone out there talking about it.

So, I think that’s enough of you reading. How about you get to listening. Just follow one of the links below and check out some of the Glitterpants-recommended podcasts (other than the Ninja podcast, Bookish Tarts) to get you started.

Dear Bitches: Sarah from Smart Bitches and Jane from Dear author team up and talk books. 

WTF: Comedian Marc Maron interviews pretty much anyone you've ever heard of in comedy and rock and roll. This is a brilliant resource for inspiration and you hear things about Maron's guests that they haven't publicly told anyone else. 

Book Riot: A brilliant podcast about all things books from the guys at Book Riot. 

The Creative Penn: Joanna Penn's podcast is possibly one of the best resources on writing and publishing out there. 

Destiny’s Podcast: Penguin Destiny's podcast.