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Did you know September is the month of audiobooks? That’s right, all the cool kids are listening to them, and now they have their own month.

Why listen to audiobooks? We asked our ninjas and here’s what they said:

Roz Groves: I listen to audiobooks in the car, as the standard of drive-time radio in Melbourne is not that great. I’m working my way through the Phryne Fisher mysteries by Kerry Greenwood at the moment.

Andra Ash: I listen to audio books every day. I get them for my vision-impaired mum so always grab some for me. Always have on one the go in the car and one beside the bed. Love them!! Because my actual book reading time is so restricted (as in non-existent) these days I love them and really enjoy it. I spent a whole twelve hours driving to Newcastle and happily listening to stories. I would happily drive all day and listen to them.

Where can you find audiobooks? At your local library, bookstore, or online at audiobook distributors such as Tantor, Simply Audio or at larger distributor sites such as Amazon. While audiobooks used to be expensive, most now cost only a little more than the print or e-book equivalent, especially if you sign up to sites to use their subscription service.

What should authors know about audiobooks? Think of audiobooks as a potential additional income stream, and one that may expose them to a listenership different to their readership, thus broadening their market. If signing a contract with a publisher, authors should also consider whether they are comfortable relinquishing the rights to audio and other formats of their work.

For a general resource on audio publishing, try the Audio Publishers Association website. For a single article, Joanna Penn discusses in detail why she digs making her novels into audiobooks over at her website The Creative Penn.

Finally, authors who decide to make the plunge into audiobooks need to consider who will narrate their story.

Are audiobook narrators elusive creatures, only to be found riding unicorns in a field of pink daffodils?

Some probably are, but Rhyll Biest found it delightfully easy to interview her three professional audiobook narrators—Lucy Malone, Sean Crisdon and Johanna Fairview—about audiobook narration and what to think about when selecting one to work with. Check out their fun and informative interviews on our Interviews page here.