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Ten comic heroes and villains you’ve never heard of (for obvious reasons):

1.     The Red Bee fought Nazis using trained bees and had a favorite bee named Michael who lived in Red Bee’s belt buckle. Bzzzz.

2.     Squirrel Girl uses her ability to control squirrels to defeat major supervillains.

3.     The Ferret, a detective who uses his pet ferret, Nosie, to track supervillains.

4.     Ant-Man fights crime by shrinking to the size of an ant, and also can communicate telepathically with insects.

5.     The Hypno-Hustler uses special goggles and the hypnotic singing of his band to place audiences in a trance.

6.     Gorilla Man possesses the strength, endurance, and agility of a mountain gorilla but retains his human intelligence while in gorilla form.

7.     The Cuckoo uses her gift for body-hopping to cause mayhem.

8.     Dead Girl is…well, dead. Her mutation triggered upon  her death, Dead Girl can “command any body part severed from her and rebuild her molecular structure from virtually any physical attack, regardless of how much damage or destruction she sustains”.

9.     Paper Doll gained her powers after being compressed in her father's dimensional compressor. She’s “dark, demented and dimensionless”.

10.  The Unicorn uses a stalk growing from his forehead sporting a third eye to shoot energy.


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