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Sully’s Famous Fish Burgers

On Good Friday my hubby took my boys on their first official fishing trip down to Gracetown/Cowaramup Bay, a gorgeous beach and surf spot in the Margaret River wine region that I’m lucky enough to call home.

My son, Sullivan, (Mr 5) caught his first fish, a herring. Every beach around the world has a herring of some variety although they do go by different names. A herring is the WA name for that classic ‘bread and butter’ fish that is permanently hungry, easy to catch, and sometimes don’t even require the investment of bait, they are so greedy. Herring when they’re biting will snap at a piece of yellow plastic straw on a hook. (They are not the world’s smartest fish).

The catching of this fish put Mr 5 in a mood similar to mine when I type those magic words: ‘The End’.

But the fun bit is, since catching his first fish, Mr 5 has become an expert on how fish should be cooked. So without further ado, I give you the recipe for Sully’s Famous Fish Burgers. (The plural is interesting, given the sum total of the Good Friday fishing trip was one herring, and while size isn’t everything, our fish sure wasn’t big).

Sully’s Famous Fish Burgers


1 fish (herring)




Grated carrot

Garlic aoli

Bread or bun


Get your dad to scale, clean and fillet the fish.

Get your mum to cook the fish fillets in butter in a frypan until done.

Watch intently to make sure both parents get this right.

Hunt through beetroot container tin to find perfect-sized beetroot slice to fit burger, because only the perfect sized slice will do (obviously).

Thickly coat bread or bun in garlic aoli.

Assemble fish, lettuce, carrot and cheese in bun.

On no circumstances, add any tomato. (On pain of tears and accusations that the whole thing is 'ruined'.)