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Cate Ellink interviews Krissy Daniels

Author Krissy Daniels won the Naughty Ninja’s monthly subscriber prize for April. When I went to send her my book, we cyber-chatted and ended up swapping books—an unexpected benefit!!


I chuckled away while reading How To Kill Your Boss in one night. The story was quirky and fun, with some amazing descriptions that reminded me of Naughty Ninja craziness. So I thought you should have the chance to learn more about Krissy Daniels and her books.

Hi Krissy, Welcome to the Naughty Ninjas! Your bio says you had a childhood filled with adventure...tell us what you've done.

I haven't done much, to be honest. I grew up in North Idaho and we were extremely poor, so we didn't get to travel. But we lived in a house that was surrounded by fields, forest, and river. We were always outside! We didn't have a farm, but we raised hunting dogs, ducks, rabbits, horses. We spent our summers hiking through the woods, fishing, swimming, catching frogs and snakes, biking, mini-biking. We spent our winters building massive snow cities, fighting epic snowball wars, sledding down dangerous mountainsides. We even dug huge underground forts along the railroad tracks. We lived in a trailer park and the neighborhood kids would put on parades, circuses and shows for the tenants. We were always making up adventures and acting them out. 

Have you always written?

I've been making up stories for as long as I can remember. I recently found some of my earliest work tucked away in the attic. I won first place in a writing contest in grade school. The story was about the invention of shoes and it had something to do with a caveman's feet getting stuck in the mud. Anyway, I usually made up stories just to goof off. My girlfriends and I used to drink daiquiris and write funny short stories. We'd take turns writing each sentence. Usually, by the second or third drink, we were laughing too hard to finish our masterpiece. I didn't take writing seriously until a few years ago.

How was your road to publication?

I love this question! Aflame was the first book I ever wrote. I started in 2010, finished in 2012. I couldn't believe I wrote a book. I had no intention of trying to get published. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

A friend of mine from high school had several books published at the time so I reached out to her and asked, "What do I do now?" She gave me great advice, which I heeded, and I joined RWA and my local chapter. My manuscript was raw, and terrible but I started sending it out to publishers anyway, mostly because I didn't know better. I received a few nice rejection letters with some suggestions on how to make it better. I revised, and revised, and revised again. Then I sent it to a few more publishers. I think it was about three months between the time I started querying until I received my first contract offer. I cried like a baby for two days. I received another offer a week later.

What's your favourite aspect of writing?

Living vicariously through my characters. I love writing the dark characters so, so much. I love being in their heads and seeing how far I can take it. I usually have to tone it down during revisions because I tend to go too dark and that's not great for romance. Writing is a form of escapism for me.

What's the Apotheosis series about? Is there a paranormal element to these books?

The Apotheosis Series is about descendants of a race of warriors created by fallen angels. The fun part about this series is that these humans have supernatural abilities that only come to fruition after they've met and had sex with their true soul mates.

Of course, there is more to the series than just sex. Good vs. evil, alpha males, scary bad guys, tons of action. And love. It's all about the love, baby.

Aflame and Aglow are in the Apotheosis series, how many books will there be?

I'm not sure yet. It might depend on the readers. I'd originally planned to make it four books, but I might wrap it up in three.

You mention you have a new book called How to Ax The Ex. Is this part 2 of Tatum and Franklin from How To Kill Your Boss? Are they the main characters again?

Yes. Ax The Ex is about Tatum and Franklin and their inevitable break-up. I mean, seriously, how long could Tatum stay engaged to a stalker hitman whose ex-wife wants her gone? There is not enough rocky road ice cream in the world to deal with that kind of crazy.

Truck Stop Tango is a NA contemporary that you mention on your website. When can we expect this to come out?

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so in love with these characters! There is no release date to report. I can't say too much about this story yet, because I wasn't happy with the way it was going and I'm in the middle of a major overhaul. I can tell you that it's about two-thirds of the way finished and it's consuming all of my brain juice right now.

I noticed that How To Kill Your Boss is written in first person, yet Aflame is in third person. Which do you prefer writing/reading? Does the book dictate which you chose? How do you decide?

I prefer writing in first person. It feels more natural to me. The Apotheosis Series is in third person because there are several point of views in each book, and I thought it worked better. I'd originally written the first half of Aflame in first person with just Grayce's voice. I wanted to explore the other characters more, especially Tyr, so on the advice of a friend I changed it to third person.

As far as reading goes, as long as it's written well, I don't have a preference.

How did you find the Naughty Ninjas?

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I can't remember how I found the Naughty Ninjas. I think it was about a year ago and I believe an Australian author mentioned Naughty Ninjas in a post on Facebook or their blog so I looked you up. Sheesh. I have a terrible memory.

What do you wish I'd asked you?

I was hoping for more SexyTime questions!!!! LOL

Thanks for the chat, Krissy!

Thank you, Maneater…. I mean, Cate! I’m honoured to be interviewed by Naughty Ninjas. I love the blog and website. You naughty girls always make me laugh. I’m so happy we met. I feel like I have a new friend and I can’t wait to dive into your books!

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