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Naughty Ninjas Say

Yo, ninjas have opinions an' shit. Sometimes the strangest stuff moves us to speak, but speak we shall.  Whether the topic is current affairs, television, movies, Eurovision, the death of our favourite fluffer or Fabio's new hair style, you'll find the ninjas' edifying opinion here.




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The spoils of being a pen monkey

Sarah 'sizzling yoga pants' Belle reveals the truth about writers: we're all immortality seekers. (Read More...)


Never Go Drinking With Rig Girls

Georgina Penney gets up close and personal researching her latest release Fly In Fly Out. (Read More...)

Getting Emotion Into The Story

Cate Ellink gets up close and personal with feelings. (Read More...)


What Colour Were Your Eyes Again?

Georgina Penney talks secondary characters. (Read More...)



The Romance Genre And Risks Of Writing About Vulnerability

Rhyll Biest talks about the pitfalls of putting yourself emotionally on the line. (Read More...)


Finding Your Tribe

Cate Ellink talks about how it's okay not to fit in. (Read More...)


"It's Okay To Say No"

Sarah Belle tells you why. (Read More...)



Reading in the Slammer

Rhyll talks reading in jails and books with characters in jail. (Read More...)


The Art of Tea Drinking

Sarah talks the fine art of making a good brew. (Read More...)


Beware of Data Mining

Georgina tells you why you should be a little more vigilant on Facebook. (Read More...)



Sarah dives into the wide world of vajazzling. (Read More...)



Rangas In Romance

Rhyll talks red heads in romance. (Read More...)


Homeland Vs. Prisoner of War: The Cage Match

Cate "Man Eater" Ellink pits one against the other. (Read More...)


Everything Old Is New Again

Andra "Madame" Ashe asks whether or not "Dubious Consent" is the new "Bodice Ripper" (Read More...)



Mood Killer Or A Must?

Cate "Man Eater" Ellink talks about sexual consent in erotica and romantic fiction. (Read More...)



Respect Your Training Wheels

Georgina "Glitterpants" Penney tells you why you should love your training wheels. (Read More...)


I Want To Be Infected

Sandra "Cookieface" Antonelli tells you how to catch the happy virus. (Read More...)




Leave My Bodice Ripper Alone

Rhyll "the Lady" Biest wants haters to leave her bodice ripper alone. It's hers dammit, and she's ready to fight you for it. (Read More…)