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Lily Reviews: Kate Belle's "The Yearning"

Beautiful. Incredible. I didn’t want to leave it behind.

A friend in the local book club told me they were reading The Yearning, and I was immediately enthusiastic because several women I admire and respect as good judges have all raved about this book. It's been on my wishlist since it launched.

When my friend's book club copy landed on my desk, I took The Yearning home and finished it in three nights. I don't know why I worried about saving my bleary eyes by putting the book down in the wee small hours, because all I did was then lay awake thinking about the book anyway, half-dreaming about the characters and what they were going through.

As you might gather, The Yearning affected me deeply. It is absolutely beautifully written—Kate Belle has a poetry to her writing that sings through the pages—but it's the characters that captured me.

While the book centres on the heroine's point of view, I love that we get a glimpse into the mind of Solomon, and later Max, and even the main character's parents.

If you are shying away because the book is classified as 'erotica', it's unlike any erotica I've read (although I’m no 

expert there). Sex features heavily, but the scenes all advance the story and the sex is integral to the emotions that give the book its title, and while tumultuous, the scenes are never tawdry.

Thank you Kate Belle. This is the best book I read in 2013. I didn't want to put it down.

I will add, however, that my mother and an aunt both tried to read The Yearning on my recommendation and it didn't work for them, so it won't be everyone's cup of tea. But then, what book ever is?

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Ninja Rating: 4 Stars