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Lily Reviews: White Balance by Ainslie Paton

Poignant. Beautiful. I loved this book. White Balance had me from page one. I've read Ainslie Paton's work before, her novel Desk Jockey Jam was also a five star read for me, but Jam is so very different from White Balance. Talk about a versatile writer.

This book was ranked Dear Author’s Number 4 in best books of 2013 which is what made me click that ‘buy’ button. I’m so glad I did.

White Balance has the most incredibly plaintive, sad, poignant tone I can remember encountering in a book in eons. I was completely invested in all the main characters, particularly Bailey, Aiden, Blake and Olivia, but also the two children in the book, and the people who were so 'strong' off the page, for example, Shannon, who dies before the book even begins.

If you're ready for a character-driven romance, rather than a sex-driven story... please give this one a try.

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Ninja Rating: 5 stars