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Rhyll reviews: Control by Charlotte Stein

Good help is so hard to find…

In need of an assistant to help run Wicked Words, her naughty bookshop, Madison Morris conducts an interview selection process quite unlike any I’ve ever experienced. The rough and domineering Andy bends her over her own desk and leaves a strong impression, but it’s the incurably uptight and dressed-to-repress Gabriel who wins the position and brings out all her most mistress-domme tendencies. Soon she finds she can’t get either man out of her head or her life.

This is a fun and sexy read as Madison not only has her hapless assistant read from the naughtiest books in the shop but has him mark up the bits he’d like to re-enact with her. Hormones fly around the bookstore like sex-crazed drones and there’s enough kink on the store’s bookshelves to knit a giant fetish muumuu. Charlotte Stein’s stories are always filled with laugh-out-loud humour and this one is no exception.

But beyond the sexy romps and the sexual teasing, there’s also character development and insight as Madison begins to question who is really in control in her relationship with Gabriel, who she is and what she wants. In addition, the way that the three characters come to the sexual and emotional rescue of one another adds to this emotionally satisfying read. As a 'switch' Madison is also an interesting character, by turns submissive with Andy and dominant with Gabriel. 

I enjoyed the setting of this novel as the atmosphere of the bookstore with its thick red pile carpet, extensive smut collection and furtive browsers added to the story, almost serving as a fourth character considering its impact on Gabriel and Mads. The store also provides the perfect captive environment for the sexually assertive Madison to stalk the seemingly-innocent Gabriel as she attempts to lure him out of his protective shell of priss.  

Another excellent novel by Charlotte Stein.