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Georgina reviews: Untamed by Anna Cowan

So I'm supposed to be writing. Yep. Hear that keyboard clickety clack that's not happening? And the person I'm holding responsible is a lady named Anna Cowan who decided to toodle over to her computer at some stage in recent history and belt out a novel.

To say that Untamed  messes with gender politics is like saying hey, I've got a nose... on my face. WOW. Which is what you might say if you'd downed a few too many glasses of mummy's special medicine on a Friday night but otherwise... it's stating the bleeding obvious. Within the first few pages you can see where the whole thing is headed but the key thing is that Untamed isn't too far up its own bottom that it forgets about the romance. Because that's why we're here, right?

So lets get this out of the way, the bloke wears a frock, the broad wears pants, sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally. The whole internet hoopla about the cross-dressing thing isn't actually an issue with the plot because the bloke is still Alpha with a big fat A (maybe with flourishes... and a few sparkles) and the lady is flawed enough to be relatable and besides, I like the way she kicks ass. A lot.

I really like the lead lady. I love her so much she could wear pants around me and boss me around and I'd probably offer to have her babies.  Powerful babies. Babies that do some bitch slappin' when slappin' is needed... in a historical fashion. Historical bitch slapping. There needs to be more of that.

The lady is realistic. She reflects so many of the strong women I see around me. And the gentleman being a step away from the whole "roar, punch and stomp" version of alpha male was like that first glass of red wine after a particularly boring day. I felt like I was growing to love him at the same speed the heroine was which was novel, really novel... in a romance novel.

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Ninja Rating: 5 Stars