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Lily Reviews: It's Love Dude by Jenny Schwartz

It’s Just Gorgeous, Dude

I read It's Love, Dude, in one sitting, and I loved it so much I had to share why. First, can I confess, I won the book in a competition. It's the first book I've read by this author and I'll be reading more.

I loved that this didn't have that angsty (sometimes contrived) edge of 'will they get together, or won't they. When bloody will they? How long will it take? Come on. Come on. How many times can a phone ring to stop them leaping in the sack?' This frustrates the beanie right off my head (although I know it's a part of the romance genre). It's not what I like in my romance. I like the chemistry to be pretty much instant, and the H&H decide from the outset they're going to act on that passion/attraction... then work through whatever conflict is preventing them being together beyond the physical sense.

I love when an author shows the H&H have the attraction and the chemistry (which Molly and Zane have in spades), and just let them go for it. Sure they have their ups and downs, mostly due to Zane's fame as a celebrity surfer and his globe-trotting surfer lifestyle, and Molly's small-town sense of not being up to his league.

But I also love how Molly goes from shy, sit-at-home passive heroine to risk-everything Ninja tigress (while still keeping in character), when she gets on a plane to surprise Zane at his hotel room where he's competing in a Gold Coast surf comp.

In most romances, Molly's arrival at the hotel is the moment where 'heroine' walks through the hotel door to find 'hero' kissing his sister's cheek or something... anything to engineer a conflict (or should I say, dude, misunderstanding). She flounces off, he's none the wiser, and she flies home to await the next drama...

It wasn't like that in this book!

So huge congratulations Ms Schwartz for making lovely Molly bigger than that, and for making Zane a genuine surfer hero. The sex between these two is sizzling and I loved this. Loved it.

Well done!

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Ninja Rating: Five Throwing Stars