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Rhyll reviews Take the Bait by Cindy Dees

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Rookie attorney Dani Wellford has trouble on her hands when she lands a mysterious client who wants to go to jail (ten years is his preferred stint). But that trouble pales in comparison to when Cam Townsend, assistant DA and professional hottie, gets turned on by her refusal to counter offer and turns playing hardball into a seduction routine. Oddly enough, though, when Dani discovers her law firm hired her for her chesticles rather than her legal nous and has the lady balls to take on the firm's old-boy network, Cam shows his true colours…

This was a fast-paced romp of a book, with a billion catchy one-liners per second. A bit like jumping on a short, sharp, gravity-defying amusement ride since at 67 pages it’s no War and Peace. While there’s no deep, meaningful themes or characters here, it’s perfect for a quick distraction read and is full of lines like these:

This guy would be hell on wheels pole dancing in a jock strap and combat boots.

“What do you call this stuff?”

“I like to call it liquid panty remover.”

The Lady Biest gave it three and a half throwing stars. Take the Bait comes out March 3, 2014.

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Disclaimer: Harlequin provided a copy of this book through Net Galley for review purposes. 

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