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Roz reviews: His Until Midnight by Nikki Logan

his until midnight.jpg

I will admit that at first I wasn't entirely sure about whether I was going to get totally on board with this story. But I was intrigued when I read the blurb, and the letter from Nikki at the beginning explaining the inspiration for the story. The backstory was also ripe with romantic possibilities and made me think of Same Time, Next Year.

Fear not, His Until Midnight has turned out to be one of my favourite releases so far from the Harlequin KISS imprint.

His Until Midnight has such a lush, exotic vibe about it—from the setting of a restaurant high above the glittering lights of Hong Kong to the obvious wealth of its hero. I have heard a few people say that this story has more of a Presents or Desire feel to it. However, I think it sits rather well in the KISS imprint. Yes, Oliver is unmistakably and unapologetically wealthy, but I don't see that as his sole driver or what defines him.

Now to the romance. The chemistry between Audrey and Oliver was oh-so electric. Even though neither has admitted to the attraction aloud, I could sense right from the start that there was some kind of invisible line connecting them—and growing stronger with each and every meeting.

The sexy-times...well, they be hot!! While they’re a little spicier than some of the intimate scenes in other KISS books, they are totally in line with the heat that radiates from Audrey and Oliver.

There are some secrets, and, oh boy, are they big 'uns! When they come to light (no spoilers here, you will just have to read the book) you can thoroughly understand the reactions of those they've been kept from and the reasons why they were kept to begin with.

All I can say in conclusion is this: Nikki, give your friend a massive thank you from me for allowing you the chance to co-opt their story. His Until Midnight was fantastic!

4.5 out of 5 throwing stars