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Andra Reviews: My Reckless Surrender by Anna Campbell

She had me at ‘hello’ — well, from ‘I want to be your lover’ — an opening line that draws you into the story as seductively as Lady Diana Carrick draws the Earl of Ashcroft into her web of desire and deception.

I’ll freely admit that I’m not generally a reader of historical romance, but have followed the rise of the fabulous Anna Campbell’s career. When I received a signed copy of My Reckless Surrender I knew the writing would be first class, but I wasn’t expecting to be instantly gripped by the current of sexual tension which tugs at the characters like an unrelenting undertow.

Diana needs to have a child secretly fathered by the Earl to hold on to the only home she’s ever known. She figures a quick affair with the notorious rake should suit him perfectly, and it does, until he begins to find his mysterious new paramour more than a little intriguing.

Growing emotions threaten to expose Diana’s deception. She must get the pregnancy she needs from Tarquin and then leave to secure her future — but this jaded rake isn’t about to let the only woman who’s held his interest, and his heart, elude him.

Surely once he occupied his mind, Diana’s memory would fade.  He’d no longer spend every waking hour, and most of his sleeping ones, hating her almost as much as he hungered for her.

Ms Campbell has crafted a tale in which we live and breathe every emotional and physical craving of hero and heroine. My Reckless Surrender enveloped me in an enthralling, subtle sensuality which, for someone who’s partial to erotic romance, ticked absolutely every box. 

My first foray into the worlds created by Anna Campbell won’t be my last.