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Georgina Reviews What Happens In Ireland By Whitney K.E.

I wasn't sure what to expect when Whitney K.E approached the Naughty requesting a review of What Happens in Ireland. I'd already seen the book around, I'd really loved the cover and I'd decided I'd love the premise... I'm usually always a fan of the "guy pursuing girl/mistaken identity" thing so I was super looking forward to this read.

So, I took it on a holiday to Scotland with me and what happened was that "What Happens in Ireland" happened in Scotland! It consumed my time completely, turning into one of those holiday reads that really stand out. 

Where to start in telling you about it?

I had a look through the other reviews out there for the book and I don't want to repeat the whole plot recount thing, but I can tell you what struck me in particular:

Okay, well the heroine, Kate, is really stand-up and doesn't take any crap. Something I'm very much a fan of. The hero, Jake, is yummy and, better yet, attracted to Kate from the very beginning, so there's no messing about on his part. 

The tension was well done and kept the reader going, the setting was really well written. In fact, there were times when I felt like I was there, it was so well done.

I think this is a really strong first release and that Ms K.E. is going to go a long way. I'll definitely be watching out for her in the future:)

Ninja Rating: Four Stars