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Lily Reviews: The Wedding Season by Su Dharmapala

What a wonderful surprise this book was! It was part of a Simon & Schuster book pack that I won as part of Shelleyrae Cusbert's Australia Day Blog Hop earlier this year. Judging by the cover, I really wasn't sure it would be a book for me, but the blurb convinced me otherwise - and having finished it in two days, what can I say?

I loved this book. It's chick-lit with cricket!!!! (Yes - this deserves a gazillion exclamation points in my book of perfection!)

It certainly helped that cricket-tragic that I am, I understood every cricket joke, e.g. "She still had enough facial hair to be confused for Merv Hughes."

But it's such a fun story. The dialogue is wonderful, so natural between the four friends and their partners. The scene when the four friends are driving to Dandenong on a sari hunt early in the book had me in stitches, and went most of the way to making me love these characters through to the end.

All that said, it's not a book without tragedy, so there were tears for me too, but nothing that a good cricket reference couldn't snap me out of, like: the way all the blokes at these Sri Lankan gatherings sneak around with ear-pieces in so they can listen to cricket; and Shani's father disappearing to hide in the garden so he can catch the "last five overs in peace”.

It's so nice to open a book with no expectations. I hadn't heard of this book or the author and I can't recall seeing any reviews of it by bloggers that I follow. The cover didn't tip me off about the content of the book either, and so my whole experience with The Wedding Season was refreshing.

One warning. Don't read it hungry! If it wasn't talking about cricket, it was talking about food. Particularly the most mouth-watering descriptions of curries you can ever come across!

I spent time in London years ago with a Burmese family and the mother there was the most amazing cook... This book took me back to those times in her kitchen in the most wonderful way. I'm all set to bust out my curry cookbooks and my mortar and pestle, and crush me up some cardamom pods for authenticity!

Great job Su Dharmapala. I loved it! And I don't think you have to love cricket, like me, to get a lovely warm buzz out of The Wedding Season.