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Rhyll Reviews: Floored by Ainslie Paton

Better put your seatbelt on, Floored is going to take you on one wild ride.

Driver, our heroine, comes with an interesting job and an even more interesting past. Who’s the creep who manages to get hold of her new phone number after she changes it, and what’s the big, mysterious mistake in her past that forces her to work as a freelance chauffer?

A sense of shame hovers around Driver, its presence as pervasive as the stench of naphthalene in her apartment. Little wonder, then, that she fancies the idea of a hero in her life, even if it comes in the battered, dubious form of Black Pariah member, Fetch.

Fetch, too, has his secrets. Why does the bad boy biker try to keep a neighbor from getting his head stomped on by the Black Pariah club? And why doesn’t he take advantage of the high school Lolita who crawls into his bed?

Ainslie Paton reveals all in her trademark taut prose, and swims against the current stream of romances glorifying the motorcycle club lifestyle, preferring to focus instead on its nasty criminal underbelly. However, the story focuses much more on the relationship between Driver and Fetch, and how they come to know each other (in every sense of the word) during the long drive from the east coast to Perth.

In essence, this a fun road trip story for grown-ups and I gave it five stars out of five.