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Roz Reviews Beyond Jealousy by Kit Rocha

First of all, if you haven’t found yourself in the world of the Sectors and the O’Kanes, go now. Go to the first ebook retailer you can think of – for me, Amazon – and one-click them into submission. Beyond Jealousy will make much more sense, and the goings on between our heroes and heroine (yes, I did say heroes!) will be that much more delicious.

Second, if you’re squeamish reading about people getting freaky, steer clear. There be some MAJOR freaking going on in these here pages.


I say this every time I read and review one of the Beyond series from the ladies known as Kit Rocha: these books are hot. Hot. BOILING OIL HOT!!!

Beyond Jealousy is the story of the ever-simmering attraction between Rachel, Ace and Cruz. If you’ve read the previous books, you’ll know that the train has been heading towards this station for a while now. HOLY CRAP, Y’ALL!! It was so worth the wait.

Ménage is usually not something I seek out in my romance reading – I have too often found it written as a romance for two with a third person thrown in purely for the sexytimes. But this is a true three-way relationship: sexual and emotional attraction, and even love, exists between each pairing and the three as a whole. Each of Rachel, Ace and Cruz fill a space in the others’ lives and hearts that needs to be filled.

The touchy-feely bit aside, the sexytimes be OUT OF CONTROL! Deliciously filthy, intensely erotic, and totally hot. There’s M/F, M/M/F and even some M/M. There’s angry shower sex and some awesome dirty in a tattooist’s chair….UNHHHGHGH!

I love that the erotic aspects of the Beyond stories are an integral part of what makes them work, and not just there for titillation and voyeuristic purposes. The O’Kanes – they play hard, they party hard and they…well, you get the idea! To have a story with a lesser level of heat just wouldn’t fit.

There’s angst, action, public displays of sexytimes, intrigue, heat – everything you’d expect from a Kit Rocha story and more. The world-building in these books is freakin’ amazing – even though this is in a world far removed from our own, the characters act in a manner befitting their situation and their reactions to things are totally realistic.

If, like me, you want to read these babies in order:

1. Beyond Shame – Noelle and Jasper

2. Beyond Control – Lex and Dallas

3. Beyond Pain – Bren and Six

4. Beyond Temptation – Emma and Noah (novella)

5. Beyond Jealousy

There are at least three more full length stories and a couple of novellas to come, so if you love them as much as I do, there is plenty more of the filthy awesome to come.

In lesser hands, this could have been a really skeevy book, but the ladies behind Kit Rocha have totally hit the hot and sexy out of the park with this one – brilliant!

Ninja Rating: 5 Throwing Stars

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