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Rhyll Reviews: If Only (Masters of the Shadowlands series) by Cherise Sinclair

This book was a bit of a disappointment to me. I’ve read other Cherise Sinclair novels that have left me saying "whoa, where’s the fire extinguisher so I can put out my lady parts" but this one wasn’t one of them.

The set up was promising. Sally — a computer whiz not averse to a bit of hacking — hooks up with two FBI agents who are also Masters at Shadowlands BDSM club. When her ass-hat ex-boyfriend torches her apartment, she goes to stay with the FBI hotties. "Hooray!" said my lady parts "Lay some FBI ménage on me."

As I said, things sounded promising, but I very quickly got tired of the spontaneous pity party that broke out in every chapter for Sally’s ‘scarred and vulnerable heart’.

Sally’s daddy doesn’t love her, waaaahhh. Sally’s boyfriend was mean to her, waaaahhh. Sally can’t enjoy that hot, crazy, nasty sex with the two FBI hotties too much because she might get super-hurt emotionally, waaaahhh. Seriously? I wouldn't care how freaking scarred my heart was, I'd be jumping their little Fibby bones quicker than a coked-up frog. I like characters facing problems in my fiction, but, by golly, they better show some gumption in facing those problems. I didn't feel like I saw this in Sally in most of If Only, and by the time she put on her big girl panties somewhere near the end of the book, it was too late, I’d lost all respect for her.

Since I’m aware I'm possibly one of the most unsympathetic bitches ever to grace this planet, I’ll concede that others might not be half as annoyed by Sally’s ‘scarred and vulnerable heart’, in which case there’s not much else wrong with this book aside from some overly villainous villains.

Three throwing stars out of five.