Ninja Recommended Sneaky Reads

Rhyll Reviews: Her Best Laid Plans by Cara McKenna

Desperately seeking rebound booty, Jamie Webb flees Boston for Ireland hoping for several days of hot, sexy holiday fun. Things go awry from the start, however, as her travel buddy cancels on her, and she then finds herself stuck alone in the middle of the countryside with a stick-shift car she’s not quite game to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Her mood further darkens when the nearest pub in cycling distance also appears to be populated entirely by people who take their dentures out at night.

But just when all seems lost, an ‘oasis’ appears in the geriatric pub in the form of bartender and tall, dark drink of hotness, Connor Kelleher.

"Jamie watched as the new guy poured someone’s pint a few feet to her left. Holy shit. Were forearms an accepted fetish object? Because his were perfect. Muscular but lean, like the rest of him, she’d bet."

Not just pretty to look at, Connor has an accent set to panty-melting.

“Hello, stranger. How’s the form?” Oh, that voice. That accent, gentle and wicked at once. He might as well have asked her if she’d like to wake up tangled in his sheets tomorrow morning, to judge by the way her body flushed.

Sexy McBartender is totally up for some marathon horizontal polka, and much flirting and saucy snooker bets involving snogging (and the promise of more) ensue.

His blue eyes were half-closed, lids looking heavy. Languid. Lips parted. If sex were a season, it had settled over him in full bloom.

But though initially drawn by Connor’s manly forearms and piercing baby blues, Jamie soon gets to know much more about him, so much so that she worries she’s growing too fond of a man she has to leave behind to take up the study of architecture she deferred for a man who left her.

This eight-chapter Cosmo read is entirely satisfying for a short novel, and readers are warned they might want to keep a fire blanket handy for their lady parts when reading the saucier scenes. McKenna really brought her writing game to this novella and readers will enjoy the tangible Irish setting and witty dialogue. Plus the author’s crafty use of fresh language packs as much punch as navy-strength gin.

Ninja Rating: Five stars