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Lily Reviews: In Safe Arms by Lee Christine

I have just finished a Lee Christine weekend 'marathon', reading In Safe Hands, and In Safe Arms, in about three days.

I liked both books but of the two I definitely preferred In Safe Arms. This is about Josie (21 year old PA [and witness to a gangland murder]) and Nate (30), an undercover cop. I can't pinpoint exactly why, but for me the conflict, emotion and chemistry between Josie and Nate was ever so slightly more enjoyable than that of Allegra and Luke in the first book. Don't let any sense of whether you've read one or both put you off, as both books can certainly be read as stand-alones.

Lee Christine writes sizzling sex scenes... but never sex for the sake of it. I always felt the sensual scenes in this book elevated the story to a new high, and continued to develop the relationship between Josie and Nate.

I'm a bit of a fan of biker books. In fact, this is probably the only reason I prefer the second book to its predecessor. I love the TV series Sons Of Anarchy, and the bikie scenes in the book, particularly Nate's initiation, worked very well for me.
I absolutely recommend these two books to readers who enjoy sizzling, emotional sex scenes in the romantic suspense genre.