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Georgina Reviews Beckoning Blood by Daniel de Lorne

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Compelling would be the word for this debut from Daniel de Lorne. This had everything in it that I love from a damn good vampire tale. 

Mr de Lorne's writing style has just enough emotion in it to drag a reader in and clips along at a pace that keeps you turning the page. There's gore, pathos, hot sex and humor... pretty much everything you need to while away a sneaky afternoon reading.

Frankly, it's like he's taken all the elements that work in vampire fiction and has thrown away the rest. Love it. And my gawd can he build tension between characters. The fractured, conflicted, brilliantly messy relationship between Thierry and Olivier constantly had me on the edge of my seat.

And Thierry and Etienne... okay I'm running into my whole "Don't give the plot away because that's half the fun of reading" thing but let's just say the "love" triangle in this story is brilliantly done.

And the way the book handles the passing of time and mortality... fantastic. 

I genuinely thought I was over vampire stories but this is something very special. Do give it a go. I'll definitely be auto-buying Mr de Lorne's next.

Ninja Rating: 5 Stars