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Cate Ellink falls in love with Marietta (and her husbo doesn’t mind)


Today I'm not going to review a book but tell you about an addiction I have to a whole bunch of books, an addiction which is dangerous to my credit card.

Four category authors banded together and formed their own publishing company, Tule Publishing Group. I remember seeing their Facebook photos as they drove around Montana on a writers retreat and I thought it was a bit of hoot, an excuse for a holiday. But I was wrong. Not only did they create a publishing group, they created a town, Marietta, in Montana.

Over the past few months, books have begun appearing. There are cowboy books set on a rodeo circuit in Marietta. Then there appeared bride books set in Marietta, and some Christmas stories. And, you know, I like this town. It's got great people and heaps of cool businesses, like Sage's chocolate shop, that I'd love to visit!

It's not just the four authors writing these stories but a bunch of authors, and quite a few Australians. Not all category authors either. So the deal is one town, lots of characters and lots of different voices. Something for everyone.

One of the things my credit card likes is that often these books are available for 99 cents for a day or two (US 99 cents, which is somewhere around $1.08 in Australian currency) when they're released. And you can also pick them up for free every now and then. And for Mothers Day, the group packaged a bundle of their stories, a couple from each theme, for 99 cents. I'm onto the last few stories and they're from a different town, Magnolia Bay, in Southern USA, and I can almost hear the southern accent in the writing.

Here are some of the titles and authors (just in case you want to share my addiction):

Tempt Me, Cowboy by Megan Crane

Promise Me, Cowboy by C.J. Carmichael

The Sweetest Thing by Lilian Darcy

Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter

Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone

A Cowboy for Christmas by Katherine Garbera

What a Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter

Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey

Bet the House by Erika Marks

Sweet Home Carolina by Kim Boykin

A Mother's Day by Kaira Rouda

Sight Seeing by Jane Porter

These stories are in the Mothers Day Romance Bundle.

So...will I see you in Marietta? How about we meet at the chocolate shop. I'll be the one undecided about what to buy and scoffing all the tasters!