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Lily reviews: Losing Kate by Kylie Kaden

There's a line on the first page of this book that includes the phrase "Sticky brood of boys", and the very last line in the book says: (hang on, that would be a spoiler, wouldn't it?)

For me, everything in the pages between is wonderful writing from a fresh new voice in Australian fiction.

I enjoy real estate. I've renovated several homes now with my hubby, and so all the present-day scenes involving Frankie's cottage and rebuilding, and Jack as the lost best friend who buys the vacant block next door, really resonate with me.

I also like what property symbolises in Losing Kate. How Frankie's old cottage is perfect for her, while next door there is a brand-spanking-new home with all the bells and whistles being built for resale purposes, yet it lacks the solid foundations and 'labour of love' that go into making a house a home.

For readers who like a challenge, there is a whodunnit storyline in this book, as Frank and Jack revisit the tragedy of their friend Kate and her disappearance at an end of school party on the beach. And if you like your romance, I think you're guaranteed to finish the book with a lovely fuzzy feeling, too - because the last line... well, it's a beauty. I finished reading with a smile on my face, and that's all I'll say!