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Lily reviews: Sinister Intent by Karen M Davis


The first half of the book I really enjoyed, but the second half I found myself skimming. I think it's because I'd worked out who the killer was and although there was a little surprise at the end, it didn't quite redeem the book for me.

I love this genre, so I'm not sure exactly why it didn't work for me. I've read other books with a female cop protagonist in an Australian cop setting and preferred those; and my all-time favourites are the John Sandford cop/crime thrillers set in Minneapolis with Lucas Davenport. Sandford is amazing.

I think at the end of the day, I like my villains nastier, creepier. I like to get a better sense of why they are the twisted/warped people they are. So I might have liked a little more time spent inside the creep's head, before I'd worked out who said creep was.

But it's well written, and I did enjoy the side story of the attraction and relationship between Lexie & Josh.