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Roz Reviews Miss Spelled by Sarah Belle: Review


Ninja review number two for today is the September release from Sarah Belle, Miss Spelled. I read this in an afternoon on the Monday post-RWAus conference, and I could not stop smiling when I closed the book on my Kindle.

Here are my thoughts on Miss Spelled:

Well, with a lot of the things that come from the internet (case in point), things don't turn out as they should for Lou, our heroine, when she dabbles in the magical arts:

"And new at the top of the list is buying a magic spell off the internet in order to erase the memory of me from the mind of my long ago ex-boyfriend."

Hey, we've all got that person in our past that we wish we could erase - Lou, I totally get your reasoning.

I adored this book so hard! Lou's initial panic and her frantic efforts to right the past make for highly entertaining reading, but the real strength of Miss Spelled is watching Lou trying to backpedal and reconnect with the glorious Aidan, and in turn not to destroy the happiness of the others in her life (what that is, you will have to read to discover). In turns, it is sweet, funny, emotional and always relateable.

Even though you are aware that she has gotten herself into this pickle, I felt for Lou's situation, and I found myself willing her towards the resolution that she wanted (and deserved).

The supporting characters in Lou's world are just fantastic - her friendship with Mel is just gorgeous. Aidan could have easily come off as Mr Too-Perfect, but he has a realness and genuine nature about him, and I could definitely see why Lou wanted him in her life. Dear Lord, that Hunter was a complete asshat! The silent and subtle payback that Lou begins to exact will leave you cheering in a less than silent manner.

From the spell gone wrong, to the bovine colostrum, to the very gorgeous end...Miss Spelled left me with a big goofy grin on my face! Loving your work, Sarah Belle.

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