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Cate Ellink reviews: Demons Within by Rhiannon Ayers


Facebook is not my preferred social media form…but I have to admit that this book came to me from Facebook. In early September, Kylie Scott shared Joey W Hill’s amazing post where she shared a letter written by an author’s submissive husband. It was an amazing letter. So of course, I just had to go and check out the author…I mean, she has a submissive husband, and she’s writing stories about Dominants and submissives…I’d be silly not to check her out!!

Demons Within is a MMF menage, or triad. The two men are bisexual, so there’s M/M interaction, as well as action with the female. I have a thing for MM action and I love it, but if this is not your cup of tea maybe skip this story because it’s pretty hot and heavy (and delicious!).

Sidri and Tatum run an advertising business which they’ve inherited it from their parents. They’ve been friends since childhood and know each other inside out and back to front. But they’re both Dominants and as such, don’t play well together. Over years, they’ve discovered that by adding a submissive male to their pairing, they’re very happy. But finding the right male, who’s attracted to both of them, is proving difficult.

They bring Allen into their business and they’re both extremely interested in him. It’s just that Allen is so submissive, and so hurt by life, that they’re not sure he’ll be interested in their plan.

This story is awesome but has flaws and parts I didn’t like, or questioned why they were there. In some ways I thought it was a bit of an author soapbox, but even thinking that, I’d recommend people read it.

If you don’t understand, or want a bit more information on, Domination and submission, BDSM, same-sex relationships, the power struggle within relationships and even the arguments against religion’s anti same-sex stance, then this book is jammed packed with that information.  I felt it was a bit heavy-handed, a bit author soap-box, but if I was living that lifestyle, I’d probably do the same as Rhiannon Ayers did in this book. There is so much written by others that is incorrect, that I’m sure she wanted to right every wrong she’s ever read/heard/experienced. So for that reason, I’d say read this book! Learn from this book!

The relationship, a true triad (or three partner relationship), between Sidri, Tatum and Allen is so beautifully described and executed. The story takes you inside the Domme’s head (Sidri’s) and inside the submissive’s head (Allen’s). Tatum is a very cleverly depicted character in that he is a Dom for Allen but in my mind, quite a sub to Sidri…and he works. He’s huge and hot and beautiful and caring.

Although I’m no lover of Facebook, I have to say that I loved finding this author and I’ll be checking out the other Rhiannon Ayres book I saw on the Siren website.