Ninja Recommended Sneaky Reads

Rhyll searches for plumber love...

Plumbers, plumbers. After my fun interview with the plumber boys (here) I desperately wanted me some plumber romance, so went scrambling through Goodreads looking for suitable novels.

Perfection by R.L. Matthewson apparently had a heroine handy with a plunger, but I didn’t want to read it after seeing the review on Dear Jane saying the hero’s attitude towards fat women made him an epic douche.

I bypassed the fat-shaming fiction to skip over to something healthier (i.e. something less likely to enrage me).

I quickly discovered that all the books tagged with ‘plumber’ in Goodreads turned out to be carpenters. This led to: a) a feeling of being cock-blocked, even though I don’t own a cock and b) me wondering if Goodreads needs to employ a career guidance counselor to help reviewers distinguish between carpenters and plumbers. (Do they call a carpenter when they need their toilet unblocked?)

Did undercover cops posing as plumbers count? If so, then there was Divorced, Desperate and Deceived by Christie Craig.

No, I was holding out for a real plumber.

But at 35 pages, The Plumber and the Cha-cha Queen was too short, even though the title was intriguing.

I also passed on the vast quantities of very short (11 to 20 pages) porno mag style plumber erotica (mostly of the adultery and ‘nooner’ variety) on Amazon.

The promise of a satanist plumber in one blurb piqued my interest, but $3.59 seemed steep for 14 pages.

And then I ran out of hits on Amazon. 

So I did what I do in real life, I lowered my standards and decided that, why yes, that gay couple in the detective series (one of them a plumber) did count as romance! After all, it was part of the Plumber’s Mate series. Plus I could hardly resist books titled Pressure Head and Relief Valve, could I?

In fact, plumbers seem to be far more popular in gay romance fiction that straight. And I'll admit that I was taken with this title: Working Hard, Loving Harder: Draining the Plumber. Even more taken with the fact that the author has an entire series of tradie erotic romance books e.g. Carpets Get Laid and The Carpenter Needs Wood. Woo-hoo! And there's pool boys and sparkies and, and...okay, you get the picture.

So far the only awesome lady-plumbers I've found are a were-shifter duo in The Mane Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston. They're both shifters, with Gwen a tigon shifter and Blayne a wolf shifter. The book is full of potty-mouthed humour, my favourite kind...