Review Policy

Review Policy

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Ninjas love to snuggle down with a good book and while we’re more than happy to blow our own trombones and pen sage reviews, we at the Lurv Shack also think sharing is fun. If you ask nicely (or bribe us with...well, anything) we’re willing to throw back the duvet and plump you a pillow.

Are you game?

Tell us what kept you up all night (keep it literary!), which books had you reaching for your Rabbit or crying into your Kleenex, or what compelled you to write a review in the first place. Is the author someone you’ve not read before or a favourite who continues to deliver the goods? Is the book one released last week or a golden oldie you’ve never forgotten? What was it that knocked your fluffy little bed socks off and how many ‘throwing stars’ out of five does the story rate?

We don’t need a novel about a novel—a short review is a ninja-friendly review. Tossing some quotes in to prove your point is always helpful too.

Put your thoughts into a Word doc with relevant links and details and email to naughtyninjasite at Make sure you include the name you want it attributed to and a rating out of five throwing stars.

The rules are simple—just remember what mother told you—if you insist on wearing underwear, make sure it’s clean, and if you can’t say something nice, stuff your mouth with chocolate truffles instead.

That’s right, we might be naughty, but we’re always nice to authors, so we don’t want to hear about how the writer of the latest wall-banger must have slept with the editor to get such drivel published. We has boundaries and we’re sticking to ‘em.

Please also keep in mind that what with all the assassinations to arrange, bake sales in between, and washing our ninja laundry (it’s a bitch sorting out the mess if you get different blacks mixed together in one load) we ninjas be busy biatches, so we can’t possibly publish or acknowledge receipt of every review we receive. Make peace with that shit right now, and the fact that we can only do our very lame best, and it’ll be puppies and sunshine for everyone.

Peace out, ninjas.